LOTRO: Summer festival doldrums

The annual summer festival is now occurring in LOTRO. This has traditionally been my favourite of all the LOTRO festivals for just one reason: Hobbit Races.

There is just something about the Hobbit races that really amuses me. I know they are basically just random – you pick one of four hobbits to run around the course and cheer them along. There is the same deal with the dwarf races, but I prefer hobbits to dwarves.

Except this year, they changed something. The races used to take part in the open landscape, running around the top of the hill. Nowadays they have placed the races inside their own instances, and I have to say this has somewhat put me off. I liked the fact the festival celebrations happened in the open landscape. It was fun, a great opportunity to meet up with people and generally run around without being tied into a specific little area.

Suffice to say I believe this is a classic case of breaking something that was working – quite exactly in fact since I believe the dwarf races were broken by this change.

Given my general time constraints now and other entertainment available (not least of which is the joy of baby Melian) this has rather put me off the Summer Festival this year. I have gotten the new horse – largely from a massive stash of festival tokens I had from last year. I may run a few horse races, even a few hobbit races as the fancy takes me, but by and large I think I am going to give this one a miss.

  1. I agree with you on this one, I much preferred festival activities in the open landscape as well. I can sort of see the point when it’s in a place like with the winter festival which required a whole new area, that was sort of like a fairy tale idea, but in this case it doesn’t add anything and isn’t needed. It’s more fun if you just run into it in the open world.

    That said, off-topic: do you have any idea where to find the festival barter guy? I’ve been told there are beautiful dresses to be conquered, but I haven’t been able to find anyone who offers it.

    • stnylan said:

      I agree that placing Winterhome in it’s own instance made sense.

      As regards to the festival barter guy, I believe it is the guy inside the instances who hands out the festival tokens.

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