WoT: Attack of the Type 59s

At some point this weekend I suddently found myself in a match in my KV-3 where there were four Type 59 tanks on my team, and five on the other. Nine identical tanks out of a total of thirty. While this particular match was quite exceptionally it occurred to me there had been rather a lot of Type 59s around. Then I realised it: once again the Type 59 was for sale.

A little history, most of which is before my time in World of Tanks. The Type 59 is a Chinese premium Tier VIII medium tank. When it was first launched it was regarded as being somewhat overpowered, and it proved very popular. At later point, a few weeks before I started playing World of Tanks, the tank was withdrawn from the regular store. Meanwhile it retains its overpowered reputation, though to be honest I have not found it so opposition – from what I understand a process of balancing improvements across the game has removed whatever problem had existed.

This week however it is on sale again (for the second time since its general withdrawal I think) and it seems to have been a popular item given the number of them I have seen pop up on the battlefield.

This has not been the only tank made available again – so to is the Panzer B2 740f and Panzer 38H735f. Both of these are captured French vehicles that the Germans used in secondary duties to free up their own tanks for more important tasks elsewhere. These two have become my gaming indulgence for the next month, as they are historical oddities I am rather interested in playing.

Just as well all those Type 59s appeared, otherwise I might have forgotten to get them.

  1. Gank said:

    Now those two tanks are still considered overpowered, but the Type 59 is definitely not. Never really was tbh, but it did get favorable matchmaking for a time. The biggest problem was that it is a tank that favors an aggressive play-style and we all teamed up. It was common to see “Type 59’s, which way?” in game during their reign at the top. When you had four of them teaming up and being aggressive it really got noticed.

    It’s still a good tank for those who know how to play mediums and a great credit earner, of course, as it’s premium. I don’t play mine much anymore, but then again, I’m not playing WoT alot. I’m just under 500 matches in mine.

    • stnylan said:

      Yes, I get the impression they are considered quite favourably, but given their lower tier and fewer numbers they do not seem to constitute the “problem” the Type 59 did. As I said, I never really seem to have found the Type 59 overpowered in opposition. To be sure, several working in tandem can be very challenging – but then given the usual way of random matches any organisation can prove frighteningly effective. 🙂

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