WoT: Holding out for a Hummel

Anecdotally, the most common Tier V artillery I have encountered has been the Tier V Hummel. I think part of that is just that it is an iconic World War 2 SPG. Another part of it though is that it is just alot of fun to play.

When I bought the Hummel I had already researched both the engine modules and both the radio modules from other vehicles. This meant the only modules I had to upgrade were the tracks and the gun – and I needed to upgrade the tracks before the gun.

There is a tendency – deserved – to regard most “stock” (ie, unresearched) tanks as being a bit underwhelming for their tier. Which makes sense, if one thinks about it for a moment. However, I personally found the stock gun on the Hummel to actually be not bad at all. It is fairly fast firing for an artillery gun and still does a reasonable enough amount of damage that I didn’t feel extraneous even in higher-tier matches. This was good because like all artillery the Hummel has a tendency to be placed in matches higher than its own tier. However, with the upgraded gun this tank really comes into its own, able to deal out damage to all and sundry.

The Hummel also has a couple of other features that make it a very nice piece of artillery. Firstly, the gun traverse is comparatively very large, meaning one does not have to keep re-aiming. Secondly, the Hummel is, relatively speaking, fairly nippy and agile. This makes it very easy to get into position, and to re-position as necessary. One should reposition at times to avoid becoming a victim to counter-artillery fire, but also sometimes the flow of the match necessitates a more drastic movement – something not always easily possible in a slower SPG, but much more easily achieved in the Hummel.

I have my Hummel equipped with a rammer and enhanced gun laying drive, reducing reload time and aiming time respectively. I also equip it with a camouflage net to hopefully ensure it remains hidden for a little longer.

Getting the experience to upgrade the gun was a rather pleasant experience, and since the gun playing this tank has been a joy. Usually it has also been extremely profitable, credits-wise. Though one has to be a little careful, since a single shell costs over 1000 credits if one is too wasteful it is easy to lose credits. I am currently have about one-fifth of the experience necessary to research the next German SPG – the GW Panther.

So my overall impression is very positive, and I thoroughly recommend this SPG as something to aim for.



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