Personal: Farewell well and thank you, Neil Armstrong

Ten years less a day before I was born, Neil Armstrong became the first human being to step onto the surface of a world that was not the earth. Today we hear that he has made the final human journey, to wherever that might lead.

A great many people with more eloquence than me will be publishing their obituaries now of one of the most remarkable people of the twentieth century. I can only write as to what I feel.

When I look up at a clear night sky, I always feel wonder. I feel blessed that live in a time when our knowledge about the universe is the greatest it has ever been. My sense of wonder is especially acute when it comes to stars and planets, and other jumbled pieces of rock. I also feel a sense of sadness that human beings are no longer leaving the orbit of this Earth. Neil Armstrong and the others of the Apollo Programme blazed a trail that we, humanity, were unable to follow. Except in our imaginations.

To put it in the most personal terms, I play EVE Online. This is a game I am fairly sure would not have existed without Neil Armstrong and his colleagues, who went to the Moon. Through EVE Online, I met my wife, fell in love, married, and now am father to a wonderful daughter.

Thank you, Mr Armstrong, for firing our imaginations. Thank you for your steadfast manner all these years, the way you have carried the honour and burden of being that first human to walk on the moon. Rest in peace.

  1. Bernard said:

    Given that a decent amount of Science-Fiction was made before the moonlandings chances are the EVE would exist regardless…. Still, the world is poorer without Neil Armstrong in it.

    • stnylan said:

      On one level perhaps, but nevertheless in our world the Apollo programme was and is so instrumental in the development of science fiction.

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