WoT: Soviet Steel

Firstly, apologies for no posting yesterday. The power supply on my computer decided to die after a power cut, and I do not feel up to making a post from my smartphone just yet.

The weekly special this week in World of Tanks is named Soviet Steel. No prizes for assuming there is a Soviet theme 🙂 It has quite a few elements to it, some of which I will definitely benefit from.

Firstly three tanks – the KV-1, KV1-S, and T-150 – are at a 50% discount to purchase. I already have the KV-1 of course, but I am tempted a little by the KV-1S, through which the IS line of tanks develops. The T-150 I will definitely give a miss. One day I will get the tank and play a few matches in it, but the T-150 has sort of missed me due to the fact I already had the KV-3 researched when the Soviet Heavy Tank tree was re-ordered in WoT 7.3.

Next three the KV-4 will get a 125% bonus to credit earnings, and the KV-13 and KV-3 will get a 200% bonus to credit earnings. Given I am still playing out the KV-3 regularly this is something I will most definitely indulge in.

There are also two more general bonuses – three times the experience for the first victory of the day for each tank, and also regular consumables are half price. The first of these is always nice, the second is again something of which I will take advantage and stock up on small repair kits, manual fire extinguishers, and small first aid kits. It has been a few months now since I bought a consumable when it was not on special offer – and I don’t intend to start any time soon 🙂

The special runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Given the Bank Holiday Monday hopefully I will be able to play some matches on all three days.

Update: I really should learn how to read. The x3 experience bonus is a bonus to crew experience, and applies to all matches fought for this special. A very nice bonus indeed!


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