WoT: One cannot change the laws of physics

Except, of course, if you are a computer game company and rewriting the physics of your gameworld, which is pretty much what Wargaming.net are doing in the 8.0 update, and the first public test of this is now live.

I won’t be testing it out, mostly because I would rather be playing the actual game now. However, this change is going to utterly change how the game is played, and I am eager to see just how it plays out.

Also it appears in 8.0 we will get new Soviet Tank Destroyers. I honestly expected we would get the next German Tank Destroyers before those. British tanks it appears are going to come out a little later in the year.

The extra tanks are just window-dressing however. The new physics is vastly the most important change, I think, that World in Tanks will have ever had – much bigger than the matchmaking change in 7.5 and I thought that was a really big deal. I can’t wait.


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