LOTRO: The horse to Rohan is late…

Or so it appears. Turbine have decided to delay the launch of the forthcoming expansion to October 15th, to allow them to get the content properly into shape.

I really do not have very much or original to say about this. Firstly, I think it is a somewhat brave decision, to delay a much awaiting expansion. I do, however, think it is the right decision. Reading through the comments on the post at Casual Stroll to Mordor it seems I am not the only one. Frustrated though people might be to have to wait longer, they all seem to prefer waiting to get a better experience, and are praising Turbine for making this call.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts too: this is a really big expansion. It cannot really be compared to Rise of Isengard or Siege of Mirkwood – rather it harks back to the inclusion of Moria. Both Moria and Rohan are truly iconic areas in Middle-Earth, and both Moria and Rohan introduce substantial game systems. If Turbine muck it up, they run the risk of angering a good many of its players.

Turbine though made a smart decision along with this – pre-order Riders of Rohan before the original launch date (5th September) and one gets an additional 500 Turbine points and a goodie bag of consumables. While very much not necessary, it is I think a very nice gesture on Turbine’s part. I am sure there will be a some people who will rant and moan, but for myself I only see good things from this.

Assuming of course they can iron out the nasty bugs.

  1. Bernard said:

    Very good decision if they can fix the problems. Andit’s a decision that far too few publishers/producers dare to make nowadays, instead chosing to release a bad product (which more often than not doesn’t get patched until it works properly). As if releasing a bad product is better for your reputation that delaying release and then coming out with a good product. LOL
    (the Duke Nukem Forever-version -delaying and then releasing a crappy product- is of course not too smart either) :p

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