WoT: Back to Tier II

In the last week I have managed to play quite a few matches in World of Tanks with a friend of mine. He is currently playing a M2 LT tank with the aim of getting the basic crew skills to 100%. This is a fine example of how World of Tanks has a sandbox element as regards to one’s own goals. One sets them oneself. I am fairly sure quite a lot of World of Tanks players would say he was silly for concentrating on a Tier II tank – or say I was silly for spending so much time in Tier III-V tanks. The wonderful thing is in a game where one sets one’s own goals, is the only silly thing is being concerned about why others play as they do (incidentally, people who get annoyed by miners in EVE fall into this selfsame category – the concept of a sandbox often seems to elude some people).

Anyway, digressions aside I have been playing quite a few Tier II matches recently, and actually it has been something of a shock – I have quite gotten out of practice of playing the Tier II lights. The two tanks I have mostly been playing with my friend are the Panzer II, which I have quite a few battles in, and the BT-2, which I have very few battles in. In both though I have the same fundamental problem – a basic unfamiliarity with the sort of tank I am playing, despite the odd match I have had here and there.

The RenaultFT AC I played through recently didn’t have quite the same issue – after all I regularly play a lower tier tank destroyer, if not a Tier II, but read my write-up of that tank and clearly I am not as used to the limitations of Tier II.

I had kept the BT-2 after only playing a handful of matches on it because it seems quite a contrast to the Panzer II. The Panzer II I kept because of all the early German tanks I played it as the one I liked the most (until I started playing the  Marder II anyway). Now I am not so sure. It is tempting to rebuy a Panzer 35t and see how I fare in that.

Actually this was a problem I felt at the end of our last playing session was starting to resolve itself. Nevertheless, more practice is clearly needed, and hopefully my friend and I will be able to play alongside each other some more yet. In the meantime, rather than primarily play just the two Tier II tanks I am holding onto in my garage, I think I will use this opportunity to play all the remaining Tier II light tanks I have not yet played and elite them. I mean, I intend to do so anyway, so I might as well. I will not do the Tier II SPGs as they have a different matchmaking. I will, however, try out the remaining Tier II tanks and tank destroyers. These are the M2 LT, T18, AT-1, D1, and Hotchkiss H35.

Hopefully by the end of it I will have relearned more how to play these earlier vehicles.

  1. I followed your lead and gave Tier 2 a bash again this evening.
    Such a strange experience and vastly different to the combat and tactics needed at Tier 6.

    • stnylan said:

      It is surprisingly different experience isn’t it?

      • Yes Enjoyably so.
        It felt akin to digging out an old game you played last year and firing it up, relearning the controls etc 🙂

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