WoT: Gamescon Weekend special

World of Tanks has very regular special offers. Unlike LOTRO, whose special offers run an entire week, in World of Tanks the special offer is usually over a weekend. Also unlike LOTRO these offers are not just involved in real-money items. A weekend special can consist of some of all the following: extra experience for the first victory of the day; reduced price for regular tanks, premium tanks, equipment, regular consumables, premium consumables, premium ammo, garage slots, barrack expansions, crew retrains, skill respecs, camouflage (cosmetics); and extra ingame currency earnings by one or more particular tanks. Not all offers include all of the above of course, and most offers have a “theme” – they might select a battle whose anniversary falls around that time of year and have offers based around tanks that fought in that particular battle, for example.

Right now is Gamescon, and so they have a quite generous offer for this. I particular like the idea that since Gameson is in Germany all German SPGs are 50% to buy. Of course, I have myself only recently bought a Hummel – the old truth is that something will come onto special offer shortly after you get it for full price 🙂 .

There is also 150% credit earning on a selection of heavy tanks – none of which I have. That’s fine. Back in July there were doubled earnings iirc for the Panzer IV as part of Tank of the Month from which I benefited greatly. There is also 50% off premium consumables, which I am quite happy to ignore. Also there is 50% the Matilda, which I already own, and the T-25. I am tempted by the T-25 – I certainly still have enough gold outstanding to acquire it, but I am going to take a bit of time to think about it.

The real benefit for me though in this expansion is that there is also 50% of all equipment. I have been waiting for this, and have quickly splurged out upgrading the equipment on several tanks. This included selling off my Panzer III/IV and buying the first of the German Tier VI mediums I am going to play – I choose the VK 3001P, so I could get the basic equipment for that. All in all I reckon I have saved myself about a million credits so far, and hopefully with a bit of playing over the weekend (and therefore more credits) I will be able to save myself even more.

Finally the first victory this weekend earns three times the regular experience, as opposed to twice the regular experience. I never have any complaints about that.


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