WoT: Early impressions of the 7.5 update

I cannot claim to have managed to play all that much of the 7.5 update. In particular I have so far only played 5 matches on the new maps, three on Seaport and one match on Serene Coast and Highway.

The biggest change in the new patch undoubtedly was the new matchmaker. So far this appears to be working out, for me, much as I thought it would. Gank has an excellent post about how the new matchmaker wouldn’t make poor players actually any better. Someone in a Tier V or VI tank, complaining about getting blown up alot by Tanks in the Tier VII-X range because they played poorly are still, on the whole, going to be destroyed fairly easily with the tier spreads reduced so at most they see Tier VII and VIII tanks respectively. No, the change in the matchmaker will not aid those players. It will however greatly aid the good players, who will have more opportunities with a narrower tier spread. This is because even good players, when in the bottom rung of high tier matches, can by ill chance run into a tank 3-4 tiers above them and get destroyed in one or two shots, and that simply will not happen anymore (of course, the good players know sometimes that just happens, and will not go to the forums complaining about it). While I honestly don’t think I am that good a player at World of Tanks, I do consider myself above average, and I do think I have benefited from the matchmaker changes in this fashion – perhaps because I am playing alot of Tier IV-VII tanks whose tiers have been narrowed.

The only facet of this I had not realised is, due to the even narrower spread of tanks the KV-5 faces, I no longer face Tier X tanks at all. This is a shame because it means I do get to see the new Tier X mediums and tank destroyers, so am utterly unable to comment on how they are playing, and also how the reduced tier spreads are effecting the high-tier matches. An unanticipated side effect of the new changes, which I should have realised by for some reason did not compute, is that it is now possible to get matches entirely of Tier I tanks. I discovered this when playing the RenaultFT for the first time.

My own Marder II has not been too badly affected by the nerfs, as I had hoped. While it is no longer quite as spry as it used to be, it still does wonderfully, especially with the exposure to Tier II lights and mediums.

I really haven’t had enough experience of the new maps to say much about them, other than they look nice. My impression is that Seaport is a good map for fast agile tanks to get behind enemy lines, and that Serene Coast will encourage sniping battles (but not necessarily camping). However, these are only the earliest of early impressions. I will report more when I have gotten more done.

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