LOTRO: Up to date (sort of)

I have just completed Book VI of Volume III of the Epic Questline in LOTRO, bringing me up to date on where the epic storyline stands. This was my primary aim before the release of Riders of Rohan. My secondary aspiration is to complete the solo content in The Great River region, with which I am well along. This will make me actually ready to start the new content at launch, rather than still be kicking about a zone or three behind (when Isengard launched, I hadn’t even quite gotten out of Mirkwood).

I do not intend to try to complete the various group/instance content. Group content has always been less important to me in LOTRO, partly because I get nervous in groups, and partly due to other demands on my time. In years past that was EVE. Now of course it is Melian, EVE, and various other commitments. Though I do run instances in LOTRO from time to time, they are not my end-game.

I always feel a little deflated when reaching the current end of the LOTRO storyline though, on the rare occasions it has happened. It is like coming to the end of a really good book, only to discover the sequel is not yet published. Fortunately I do not have too long a wait for this story of course.

From the above one you might have guessed I enjoyed the most recent additions to the epic storyline. It has taken us back along the path of the fellowship, in the Great River Region, and overall gives the feeling of moving forward. It does not however really have an ending – this is not the conclusion of Volume III by a long shot. Indeed, it feels a little out of place compared the previous books in Volume III that had us moving south from Eriador into Enedwaith and Dunland, all of a sudden to hare off across to Lothlorien and down the Anduin. I hope they are able to tie it all together as things go forward.




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