SWTOR: Late on the free news

So while I was getting ready for going to the Olympics news hit the stands that SWTOR is going free-to-play.

I do not really have very much to say about this. In many respects I think SWTOR should have launched with a model similar to LOTRO, which is still the free-to-play model I find preferable for the large-scale MMO (World of Tanks has a somewhat different model of course, but it is a rather different game).

Having admittedly just skimmed the news I think I basically agree with Spinks’ take on things.

SWTOR was always my least-played MMO, for time reasons. With Melian’s arrival I have entered it even less, so I was already thinking of ending my subscription. Since I have yet to play a Flashpoint or Operation, that decision is becoming even easier. I think the phrase is “Watch this space”.


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