WoT: Personal reflections on 7.5

It has been announced that the 7.5 update will go live on the EU server tomorrow, 1st August. We also have the finalised 7.5 patch notes.

Most interestingly for me is the precise detail of the rebalancing of the Tier II and III Tank Destroyers, in particular my wonderful Marder II. The biggest nerf is undoubtedly the reduction in View range by 40m. The reloading time of the gun is also going up, and so is the aim time. On the plus side there is a very modest increase to hit points and speed. However, the damage and penetration of the gun appears to be unaffected.

For me this means the Marder II will be slightly less effective in terms of raw damage output (it will fire slower, and need more time to aim after ceasing movement), but equally should have more weak targets due to the matchmaking changes, and its ability to hurt Tier V vehicles remains intact.

The KV-3 is also getting a hp buff; as is the KV-5, which is also getting a small aiming buff. The M3 Lee is getting a modest buff to view range. None of the tanks I regularly play – except for the Marder II, is getting a change other than to the matchmaking.

I have to say overall I am looking forward to the patch. The new three maps will be interesting to play and new maps are one way of helping to keep the game feel fresh. I am going to have to relearn the Marder II a little, and I am relishing the challenge.


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