Personal: First play

Today, just after I woke up, for the very first time I played with my daughter. The very, very young do not really play. To be sure, they can react and interact, but it does not have the same quality as play. This morning however I woke up with our daughter in her cot beside our bed. She was awake, and making a few sounds as she does that usually signifies she would like some attention. My wife and I spoke to her as we do, and she smiled at us as she has started to do. Then, quite suddenly, she started to kick the wooden bars at the end of her cot. Very soon she was kicking them quite vigorously and smiling, even laughing as she did so.

Inspired, I started to run my fingers along the bars to the side of her cot, making sounds as they hit or scraped the bars. Melian looked at me, smiled, and kicked her legs some more. We made a game of it. It was wonderful. We both laughed and chuckled and smiled.

For the first time, Melian played. An impromptu game, the entire point of which was to have fun.

A very good start to a day.

1 comment
  1. Bernard said:

    squeee!! ^^ Excellent news. Can’t wait reading about how she fills every corner of your living room with toys :p
    (and a happy belated B-day too).

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