EVE: Just a Game Part 1 (addendum)

This is just a quick post, referring to something I said in a previous post about the EVE Alliance Tournament. Jester has, now the tournament is over, has written a number of posts about the Tournament. In particular I found this post about the training for the tournament really interesting.

Reading through the post, this is a small list of some of the things I drew out from it.

1) Working on the theory of the competition

2) Logistical preparation for training facilities and the like

3) Studying tape of opponent’s past performances

4) Studying tape of his own team’s past performances

5) Working out team-strategies

6) Practising, for hours and hours

7) Trying to gain information in game-legal methods about opponents

8) Get frustrated with leaders/team-mates due to long hours of practice

9) Make accommodations with family and close friends about the impact of this “game” on one’s non-game life

Really, how is this any different from what any professional sportsman or woman does?


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