WoT: Milestones

Recently in World of Tanks I have passed three milestones.

The first of which was my one thousandth victory. It is perhaps a mistake to focus so much on one’s win-loss ratio in World of Tanks. After all, one is a member of a team of fifteen. Therefore while one can have an impact, to win consistently one is generally dependent on one’s team-mates, as well as “ordinary” random chance. My win rate currently hovers around 52-53%. This puts me very much in the above average category, given the vast majority of folks have win-loss rates in the 48-51% range. It does not, however, mean I am a good player. I hope to become one some day, and I have good matches, and that is about as far as I will go. Besides, win-loss rate doesn’t show whether or not one is a good player. The amount of damage one does is a far better measure, though not the whole story.

I also have fought now over two thousand battles in World of Tanks total. This sounds like a lot, but compared to many players really isn’t all that much. The fact I have amassed 2000 battles in maybe four months gives some idea how easy it is to rack up matches. Nearly a quarter (currently 499 matches out of 2018) have been played in my Marder II. If I can only play one match on World of Tanks in a given day, it will be with the Marder II. What two thousand battles does mean however is a certain experience now with the basics of the game. This experience is mostly limited to tiers III-V. I have only played 66 matches in Tier VII and VIII tanks, and only 80 in Tier VI tanks. That will start to change in the next thousand battles, since I am on the verge starting to acquire German Tier VI tanks (the Hummel is my next buy, special offers notwithstanding, and then the Tier VI tanks after that).

The final milestone is that, of today, my number of tank kills exceeds my number of battles – 2018 battles to 2025 kills. This feels like a measure of my improving capabilities on the battlefield, one of several measures. Still got a lot of improving to of course. Let’s hope I can continue to do so!


  1. Gank said:

    Nice one! It took me around 6000 battles to get my total kills up above my games played 😦

    • I must confess when I realised I had passed the mark it did cross my mind I had done it faster than you 🙂

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