EVE Online: Edge of our seats

Most of yesterday, my wife and I were at a family birthday party, but we came home early enough to watch the final matches of the Group stage of EVE Alliance Tournament X. Including, of course, the matches of Group H between Rote Kapelle and Kill It With Fire, and between Pandemic Legion and Red vs Blue.

To begin with Rote Kapelle in their match did everything they needed to – wiping the floor against Kill It with Fire and putting themselves into as enviable a position as they could have managed. This set the scene for a final match on which everything hung. In the studio they talked of “complicated maths”. Whereas alot of matches on this third day of group play hadn’t really been all that important, this one was. The entire group now depended on it. My wife and I, quite literally, were on the edge of our seats.

In the event, in part due to a bit of luck on the warp-in angles, Pandemic Legion swept Red vs Blue, who did not themselves secure enough points to get through. This means Pandemic Legion and Rote Kapelle advance to today’s finals. I personally hope Rote Kapelle go all the way.


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