WoT: Making a French decision

One of the ways I enjoy World of Tanks is by playing a variety of different tanks. Therefore I decided it was quite silly of me not to play any French tanks at all. A bit of a case of denying myself part of the game’s pleasure.

However, having decided to follow one of the French tank trees I need to decide which one. Whilst there is one tree I very quickly decided against, the other three are not so easy to choose between. Let’s go through them in detail.

1) The SPG line. This is the one I have chosen against, for the simple reason I am already following the German SPG line and I don’t think another SPG line interests me just right now. However, that still leaves three other lines.

2) The Tank Destroyer line. This one is tempting because I have so far enjoyed the German TD line, and it would be interesting to see how/if the French TDs play differently from the German ones. Also as the French TDs are relatively new there would be a sense of partially exploring something still fairly new.

3) The French light tank/medium tank line. This line goes through the slow AMX 38 and AMX 40, and then moves into the agile and powerful AMX 13 series before moving into the Lorraine 40t and Bat Chatillion 25t. Now, I am rather cautious here because so far I am struggling a little playing the Tier IV lights of other nations, and on the face of it this line means that style of play.

4) The French heavy tank line, which really starts at Tier IV with the venerable B1. This would be a different sort of heavy tanks to the KV line I am working my way through on the Soviet side, and would get the chance to play the B1. Historical icons (even less fortunate ones) are something of an attraction.

At the moment I am leaning towards option 2, as I am thinking I might as well get more practice with the Leopart before going route 3, and I will in due course start experiencing German heavy tanks allowing me a different series of heavy tanks. Of course, at some point they will be introducing a second line of German TDs too … so we shall see.


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