WoT: Birthday tank

Sometimes in gaming circles, there is talk of “wife aggro”. It is never something I have experienced. After all, my wife and I met playing EVE Online, and have also spent many hours playing LOTRO together. Whenever the topic of “wife aggro” comes up and I mention this, I tend to get expressions of a certain amount of good-natured envy.

For all our shared playing of MMOs, my wife doesn’t get the appeal of World of Tanks. However, she knows it is something that entertains me, and even follows what I do some matches. For my birthday, one of my gifts was a premium tank I had desired, but been unable to justify: the KV-5.

As it happens, it has been announced that in the 7.5 update they are going to be withdrawing the KV-5. This has the added advantage of making the present feel that little more special.

The KV-5, like the other tier VIII premiums, have a bonus to its credit earnings. However, I could have asked for any Tier VIII premium, but I wanted the KV-5. I think it is because I have fallen in love with the KV line of tanks. These slow, powerful, mobile monsters have definitely tickled my fancy. Now I have another one to play with – and earn extra credits whilst doing so that will help me with my other endeavours.

I will probably do a report on the KV-5 in due course once I have a decent number of battles.

Meanwhile I have some playing to do on my other computer related birthday present: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – my time

  1. Game related presents are the best as you know you will get the maximum enjoyment out of them. I look forward to the KV-5 Report

    • I’ll wait until I have a good few battles in one before I do 🙂

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