Personal: 33

While I was never as nervous as some people about my age, there was a time a few years ago when I saw the slow march of time and felt a little trembling somewhere inside, and a sense that my youth was slipping away, and thirty did seem to loom, even if it did not loom large.

I am thirty-three today, and I no longer feel that way. For the last few years I truly celebrate the fact I am still alive, because there were times when it seemed quite possible that I might not reach thirty. I now longer worry about losing an ephemeral youth, but rather cherish the extra year of life.

As I type this my daughter is sleeping on my chest. Occasionally she nuzzles my chest, making a contended little sound that melts my heart. This last year in particular I have the very best of reasons to cherish.

Today has been a good day, even allowing for the fact I was at work all day. Even managing to step on a drawing pin (ouch!) has not darkened a day filled with love and delight.

Jeg elsker mine to smukke damer. Tak for en vidunderlige dage. (I love my two beautiful ladies. Thank you for a wonderful day).


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