EVE Online: Pandemic Legion All In

Sometimes when watching a competition, the commentators get very excited. Sometimes the excitement builds over the course of a match, and sometimes it is at fever-pitch from before the first move. The final match on Sunday of EVE Alliance Tournament X was one of the later.

Apart from some problems with the stream, the whole weekend (that which my wife and I managed to catch) was very enjoyable. However, it quickly became clear to us the final Group was where most of our interest was concentrated. In this group, three of the four alliances were ones we wanted to do well. The odd one out was Kill It With Fire. I am sure they are great folks, but next to the other three I am afraid they don’t get much of a look in.

The other three being Pandemic Legion, Rote Kapelle, and Red vs Blue. Pandemic Legion have won the Tournament multiple times before, and are one of the major powers of EVE. Rote Kapelle is the alliance of Jester of Jester’s Trek, and known as being one of the better small-gang pvp outfits in the game. Red vs Blue is an alliance formed of two corporations to facilitate low-cost, easy to get pvp in hisec, who occasionally combine to form “purple” fleets.

On Saturday Pandemic Legion stomped on Kill It With Fire, while Red vs Blue triumphed over Rote Kapelle in a close, hard-fought match. This set the scene for Sunday’s actions. Red vs Blue were facing Kill It with Fire in the penultimate match of the day. Again they were victorious, clearly superior to the other team.

The final match was between Pandemic Legion and Rote Kapelle, and just before we transferred from the studio to the match itself we heard that Pandemic Legion had gone all in.

All in for Pandemic Legion means fielding their flagship for the tournament, and four limited-run ships that were part of the rewards for Alliance Tournament IX, the Malice frigates. Total worth on the field was in the 150-200 billion isk region. To say this got everyone excited would be like saying cats like catnip. I haven’t taken to the antics of one of the commentators – Michael Bolton III – but in this case his enthusiasm was both genuine and warranted.

The match it was brilliant. I won’t describe it – go and watch it. In line with something I wrote last week, I will say I found it just as thrilling as many a sporting match I have seen, between two top individuals or sides. Rote Kapelle won, and this final Group is now beautifully set with everything to play for in the last two matches next Saturday.

Bring on next weekend.


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