WoT: Upgrading the KV-3

The last few days in World of Tanks I have mostly been playing (as and when I am able) my KV-3, aiming to get to one of the later-tier guns. There is a simple enough reason for this: they do more damage. More damage equates to more experience and more credits. However, it has been a frustrating process, filled with many defeats.

On the whole I have not been unhappy about my performance, though I am very much still learning the tank and quite often think after the fact of things I might have done differently. Nevertheless I often have done fairly well I think, but just been unlucky in the random teams. Also to be fair on two occasions my team lost by the smallest of margins. However, it has made the whole thing take a lot longer than it otherwise might.

However, last night I finally researched the first of the two higher-tier guns I desire, the 122mm D-2-5T. I have played just two games since, one victory and one loss (the loss I played well, the victory I was one-shotted by some high tier artillery so didn’t get much chance at all – so it goes).

Nevertheless, even with only just those two games, I feel the tank is now beginning to enter into its own. I intend to research the enhanced version of my new gun, which does exactly the same damage per shot, but fires faster so more damage overall. Then I will work on upgrading the engines, so at least the KV-3 isn’t quite so slow. Next will be the turn of the radios, then (for the sake of completeness) unlocking the remaining guns, before finally starting work on unlocked the KV-4. That will not be for some time however.



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