Gaming: Just a Game (Part I)

Yesterday my wife and I first watched Roger Federer square off against Andy Murray in the Wimbledon Gentlemens’ Singles Final, securing his seventh Wimbledon title and seventeenth major title. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable match – not least of course because the person we were supporting ended up winning. Andy Murray said some very gracious things afterwards, and so did Roger Federer.

Immediately after the presentation, we swapped our viewing to another competition going on last weekend – the EVE Alliance Tournament. Being EVE, this was not perhaps quite as sportsmanlike, but as we watched the matches, it occurred to me this was another illustration of the feebleness of the phrase “it is just a game”.

At root, there is no difference between the Wimbledon championship, and the EVE Alliance Tournament. Both take games for entertainment – remember that tennis is first and foremost a game – and use a tournament format to try to establish a sense of one player being better than another. I am fairly sure that the Jester is as committed to his team in the Alliance Tournament as any baseball or football/soccer player is to their respective teams. I am also fairly willing to bet that many EVE players who are part of the Alliance Tournament teams – not all to be sure, but many – probably spend a not dis-similar number of hours practicing their craft as any professional sportsman or woman.

Of course, one pays rather better than the other … but for most athletes and sport stars somehow I think the winning is more important. Just like it is for most EVE players.


NB: Over time this is likely to become a series of posts about gaming, hence the Part I in the title. As yet, however, this is a solo post.


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