WoT: Looking forward to 7.5 and beyond

Somewhat irritatingly in World of Tanks, the EU portal often lags information. From the NA portal, the basic outline of the 7.5 patch appears clear: The Tier X medium tanks and tank destroyers, three new maps, and two new premium tanks. I also would not be surprised if in this patch it became possible to opt-out of playing the new map modes. So far, this is slated for sometime between now and August.

Thereafter in World of Tanks we are looking soon to the introduction of the British tank tech tree, and there is also some expectation on the forums following that the second line of German tank destroyers will be introduced. Given we have had a promotional video for the British tanks, it would seem likely they will come first – if I were to guess sometime in October. This would leave the second line of German tank destroyers to come towards the end of the year.

Also at some point a new physics engine will be introduced for the game, and potentially some development of the match-maker system. Both will be far-reaching, and I doubt Wargaming will want to rush those changes.

Finally, later this year World of Warplanes will be released, meaning that World of Tanks will cease to be alone in its universe. Given the real-money currency (and some other things) are going to be shared between the games, this should encourage cross-gaming. Also both games are going to influence the Clan Wars Global map. All in all, there are exciting things ahead for World of Tanks.

What about me? Well, I have several intentions in the coming months. Firstly, I am keeping the Marder II, Hetzer, Panzer IV, KV-1, and KV-2 to play fairly regularly; and the Panzer II, Panzer III, and BT-2 to play much more irregularly. I have decided not to keep the Stug III, and to use that crew to further research the German TD line. Likewise the crew currently in my Panzer III/IV I will use to research the various German Tier VI mediums, and also unlocking the Tiger variants. Also, I will continue going down the German SPG line, having now elited the Grille I will at some point acquire a Hummel. Likewise I will continue chipping away at the Leopard so as to unlock the final German light tank, the VK2801. In the Soviet line I will continue down the KV heavy tank line, and I am intending to move onto the KV-4 when I have elited the KV-3. Meanwhile I intend to research and play both the T-34 and the M4 Sherman, so along with the Panzer IV I have that trio of historical mediums unlocked. Longer term I wish at some point to get a M10 Wolverine (American Tier V tank destroyer). Finally, when the British tree arrives I will likely start going down the medium/heavy tank line.

Of course, all the above is subject to change 🙂


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