EVE: The game I miss

Currently I am not really doing any MMO gaming, other than World of Tanks matches now and then. While I regret not being able to play really in both LOTRO and SWTOR (or even STO which I gave a quick spin just before Melian’s arrival), there is only one game that stands out, and that is EVE.

Jester has an excellent, although somewhat pessimistic, post on how “the line” (however one defines it) has been crossed in EVE. I bring this up because EVE has a quite negative reputation in some quarters. Yet, The Mittani’s actions on the stage of fan-fest are representative of a set of attitudes that are very widespread in gaming culture, and hardly unique to EVE Online.

Likewise, I am far from the first person whose marriage is as a result of MMO gaming culture. However, one cannot tell the story of EVE’s community, the nasty and horrible things they sometimes do, without also referencing the positive side. The EVE Online is a human community. Being human, it has some not so nice parts. Being human, it has some parts that shine.

I miss the folks I know in EVE. I miss the intellectual challenge of the game. I also know right now I don’t have the energy to enjoy that challenge, or the challenge of being aware when travelling.

Of course, when I cuddle my daughter it is very difficult for me not to think of EVE. Without EVE Melian would not have been born. Which makes it also somewhat bittersweet neither my wife or I can currently be part of that world.



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