WoT: Onto Tier VII in the KV-3

So last night, during a bout of insomnia when Melian (and my wife) were actually snoozling, I finally bought my KV-3, equipped it with a Large-Calibre Gun Rammer (faster loading times), Improved Ventilation Systems (better crew performance), and also a Toolbox (increased repair rate), and played a game. Only one module in the tank was pre-researched – the 107mm ZiS-6, which I had also equipped. The battle was a standard battle, on the Cliff map, with my team starting in the south, tiers IV-VII, with two tier VIIs on each team. As such this might be considered a gentle introduction.

First notes, this tank is slow. I imagine it is slow even with the engine upgraded, but without it was almost glacial. The Cliff map has a valley on the left-hand side, and a larger plateau in the centre and right, and the climb up to that plateau seemed to take forever. On the way I paused and took a shot at a T1 HT that had exposed itself from a part of the plateau that overlooks the southern-base. Took out approximately half his hit points, which was a nice result.

The way the Cliff map usually plays is that a number of players from each time head to that left-hand valley, which can very quickly became a death-trap for all concerned. Battles on the cliff map are very often won and lost in that exchange. The rest of the team then heads up into the plateau, where there are two impassable rock outcroppings, meaning there are three north-south routes. The T1 HT had been on the left-most of these, just above the valley. On my way there two light tanks from my team were on the right-most route, where they had encountered a BDR G1B (Tier V heavy tank), and where I had spotted a Tiger en route. After the T1 HT had been killed I started to cover the centre-route in the plateau, hoping to catch that Tiger from behind – while a couple of tank destroyers from my side were reinforcing the light tanks.

As I was trying to do this I was hit by some enemy artillery, damaging a track. This meant I moved and manoeuvred even slower. However, I was able to get into a position to attack that Tiger, damaging him severely (the tank destroyers had already taken care of the other heavy tank). Then I was attacked by a Panzer IV, which I one-shotted while my team-mates finished off the Tiger.

At which point I was buffeted by a number of artillery shells, which broke both my tracks, and damaged my engine. Once I was able to move again … well, if I thought I was slow before … 🙂 The overall battle had, however, now reached more of a mopping up stage. In the valley an enemy KV-3 had destroyed our folks, but as he advanced towards our base was himself destroyed by a tank or two that had held back in base defence. Meanwhile a German Tier VI medium (I cannot quite remember which one) had gotten up onto the plateau and was attacking me, but not having much luck, and eventually I was able to kill him about the time my other team-mates got rid of the last artillery.

The end result for me was alot of fun, and a Steel Wall achievement. An auspicious start to a new tank if ever there was one. But heavens, it is slow 🙂


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