WoT: Eliting the KV-2

Last night, while Melian was feeding, I finished researching the S-51, thereby eliting the KV-2 tank (meaning all modules and follow-on tanks for that vehicle researched). It has so far been the longest research grind I have done in World of Tanks – it takes 123500 experience. I actually started the endeavour back before the KV-1 and KV-2 split into two tanks. The experience transferred to the KV-2, and after I had used some to research the new KV-2 modules, I had about 50k left-over, and since then I have been playing games with the KV-2.

Back in the old KV I never used the “derp-gun” – a howitzer that did high-HE damage (but with little penetration). However, in the KV-2 I have used the 152mm M-10 howitzer (ie, the same thing) exclusively. HE shells always tend to damage, but how much damage is especially variable as the shell rarely penetrates he armour. The M-10 howitzer however does 900 damage, meaning it is capable of damaging every possible tank on the battlefield, up to and including Tier X.

That said, at some point I really should try the other primary gun for this tank, which has high armor penetration.

For a while I was wondering, after eliting this tank, if I would keep it or sell it. However, I have decided to keep it, along with the KV-1. My next Soviet Heavy Tank is going to be the KV-3. I am missing out the T-150 (as I have the KV-3 already researched from the old KV). The KV-1S did attract my attention for a while, and this is the tank that leads to the other Soviet Heavy tank line, but ultimately I decided right now I don’t want to pursue another Tier VI heavy when I have a Tier VII waiting in the wings.

Saving up the credits now 🙂


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