Personal: Back to work

So, this last week I have gone back to work – which I do not like I assure you. Or rather, I like my work well enough, but certainly I wish to be home with my wife and daughter a great deal more.

Practically, this has dramatically reduced the time I have for writing – not just because the hours I am spending at work – but because when I get home I need to spend some time looking after my daughter so my wife can get some much-needed sleep. How long this period will take I have no idea. The occasional night my daughter has settled down between feeds and slept a fair portion of the night, and other nights she hardly does at all. Anyway, until such time as that is all sorted out posting is likely to be variable. That said, I do have a long weekend thanks to some annual leave, so hopefully I will get something written.

  1. Not to scare you or anything but… don’t expect to have a lot of time on your own for the next 10 years or so…
    You’ll be glad if you can sneak a quarter here and a quarter there to yourself. Short blog posts ftw!

    • Oh indeed! The wonderful thing is … I don’t mind at all 🙂

  2. Gank said:

    That sucks you have to go back to work so soon 😦

    • Yes it does. Two weeks is all we get in the UK. At least I have a good boss who has allowed me to take some annual leave across the summer in such a way that I get 4-day weeks until September.

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