WoT: Initial impression of 7.4

I have managed to play some World of Tanks, and had an initial impression of the new battle modes: I like them. Also, while there was clearly a certain amount of “learning as one goes” by all concerned – including me! – there was none of the utter chaos I was half-expecting.

My experience is, admittedly, limited so far. The Assault battle-mode I have played four times; twice on the Karelia (once as attacker and once as defender), and twice on Erlenberg map (both times as attacker). I was wondering if the defenders would have too great an advantage (seeing as they would be defending and all) – but initially at least this does not appear to be the case.

So far I have also played four Encounter battles. Two of these were on the El Halluf map – one from either side, both of which we lost. The annoying thing about one of these losses is my over-aggressiveness my have caused a mini-lemming train leading to the loss. The other maps were Siegfried and Ensk, a defeat and victory respectively.

The maps play very differently so far with the different victory conditions – and with the different starting areas. In Karelia Assault, for example, rather than starting at the north-east and south-west as in the Standard Battle, the defending team starts in the north-west and the attacking team in the south-east.

I have also encountered some French tanks of course, mostly at the lower tiers. A couple of Tier VI tank destroyers being the highest encountered so far – doubtless with saved up free experience. It will be interesting to see how they develop.

I have played each new map so far once, defeats both times – in the Widepark map a really quick destruction too. Will need more time to evaluate 🙂

So far though, I like 7.4


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