As I am writing this I am downloading the new patch for World of Tanks, released for the EU server today. As an aside, I will be very happy once get their announced global service up and running – coming from EVE Online as my first MMO I have never understood why so many other games insist on region-specific servers.

I have already spoken about some of the major changes in the 7.4 release here, and I don’t think anything has particularly changed in that since the test server release notes. However, reading the actual patch notes, there are a few other items that have caught my eye.

Firstly that the Komarin and Swamp maps have been removed from the random map rotation. I don’t really understand this move, just like I didn’t particularly get removing the Province map from all but low-tier battles. I do think this will make random games a little less varied than they might be, and I hope one day they will be brought back.

Also, when a crew-member fulfils more than one job on a tank, that crew-member will now be able to learn skills specific to all the roles he is carrying out. Quite a nice little addition I think, which I imagine I will utilise in my Marder II crew at some point. The Large Repair Kit and Large First Aid Kit – Premium consumables one pays real money for – have also been given a moderate boost, doubtless to try and make them more appealing. Now in addition to their major use (repairing all damage or healing all crew members respectively) they grant a small bonus to repair time and critical hit avoidance.

They have also reworked some elements of damage – and from what I have read this is causing a certain amount of ire on the forums. I suspect that HE damage and critical hits is very much a work in progress still, as they tinker to get optimum formulae. I also suspect that after a short time the majority of folks will adjust to the new reality – in other words the cynic in me is doubtful the complaints are fully justified. Just reading game forums (MMO and single-player) for fifteen years means I tend to take alot of whining with a pinch of salt, as although it is sometimes justified frequently it is not.

They have rebalanced various higher-tier tanks. None of this directly impacts me – except I did notice they have buffed the KV-4 and nerfed the T110E5. You don’t have to dig very far to realise that many considered the KV-4 a weak tank for its tier, and the T110E5 to be a bit overpowered. I only mention this as it demonstrates to me that are indeed aware of such imbalances, and it is always heartening to see a company address such things, even if slowly (*cough* CCP technetium *cough*).

All in all, it looks a very good patch. It is almost downloaded now, and with a bit of luck I will get a chance to play some of it today. I am eagerly waiting for the blood-baths of the new game modes and new maps, though I reminded of the line: be careful what you wish for… 😀


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