Personal: MMOs require two-hands…

Like another new father I am finding a need for one-handed gaming – and MMOs are not the easiest to play with only one hand. EVE is the only one that comes close, but EVE “suffers” from requiring more than the average amount of alertness and brainpower – which are also somewhat lacking just now 🙂

So when my wife told me Melian had told her to buy me a computer game for Father’s Day I ended up following in Gank’s footsteps and asking for Civilization V.

Somehow, when I was ten or eleven, I persuaded my parents to buy me the first in the Civilization series, when it was brand-new. I was blown away, and therefore I have always had a fond spot in my heart for the series. I spent hours in Civilization I and II, and also in Alpha Centauri and Colonization. Civilization III however disappointed me, as did Civilization IV (though in other ways). This present therefore was strictly for nostalgia – and because it is very easy to play holding a baby in one arm!

That said, my first game has been very enjoyable. One of the things I like about the Civ-series of games is that, regardless of the victory conditions, one basically sets your own goals. I also tend to have something of an internal monologue while I play, constructing the history of my civilisation. A little bit of extra fun at no added cost.

All that said, I am hoping to be able to play some World of Tanks tomorrow once the 7.4 patch goes live on the EU server to witness some of the chaos of the new game-modes. Should be fun 🙂

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  1. Gank said:

    Hehe.. Welcome back to the Civ series. I think you’ll find its fun, and perfectly matched to your new responsibilities!

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