WoT: Taking on the M2 MT

So today, in between other tasks, I decided to see if I could level the M2 MT – the Tier III American Medium tank. This is as I want to put myself in a position to learn the American Heavy Tank tree, and also reach the Sherman (so that I can eventually drive the Panzer IV, T34, and Sherman – three of the most iconic tanks of the war). With tier III tanks (though not artillery) this is still a quite achievable goal – and it took me twenty matches. I ended up with a 50/50 win/loss rate, which is probably fair, especially considering that in three or four matches I played really very poorly. I scored 13 kills, and one Sniper battle-honour.

So what did I think of the M2 MT? Well, like many tanks the “stock” (unresearched) tank plays very differently from the tank with all modules researched. The initial gun (37mm M5) was severely underpowered, which meant the first few games in particular were quite frustrating. There are two possible upgrades, the 37mm M6 which was basically a slightly more powerful version of the first gun. I tried that for three or four games, but was equally unhappy with it so went to the 75mm M3 Howitzer. This was much more to my liking, but required some adjustments. I think my performance would greatly improve with a little more experience – but I doubt I will play any more battles with this tank now, as ultimately the M2 MT seemed just a bit too fragile.

To be sure, I never intended to play this tank for more than it took me to research it out. But did I have fun? Well, the answer to that is yes, I did, especially once I got the howitzer. The twenty games played quite quickly over the course of the day, and were good entertainment to dip in and out of as circumstances allowed.

The M3 Lee is now unlocked. I doubt I will acquire it just yet – but it is now there ready for when I want to start working my way further into the American tree.

  1. Gank said:

    Most people dread the lee and love to tell you how terrible it is while in-game. I found it to be alright if you think of it as a td. You have a good gun, but no turret so hiding is your best option. That said, get it done quickly and move on!

    • So I’ve seen people say in chat in matches – and I’ve also read it plays like a TD. Since I quite like playing TDs so far I hope that will make working through it easier. That said, I likely won’t start it for a little while due to other projects.

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