Personal: A good reason for insomnia

It is true what they say: when one becomes a parent, one gets tired. Very tired.

In our case this is not because our daughter is not sleeping – she is, but only when she is cuddled up to either my wife or myself. Within five minutes of being placed down, she wakes. I am sure this is partly as a result of having to stay in hospital for just over two days following the birth: for a place supposedly meant to be of benefit, few places are as unsettling and contrary to good health.

Before the birth I was rather hoping that being somewhat insomniac and used to getting by on little sleep would put me in a certain amount of practice – and it has. There is, however, now a new element in play. There is this wonderful little girl, for whom my wife and I are fully responsible. It is a wonderful and frankly terrifying at the same time.

I will get back to gaming blogging in due course – indeed I am part-way through writing a World in Tanks post at the moment.

  1. I think it sounds perfectly normal. Especially with our oldest daughter we experienced four months with her crying for hours, all night long. Day after day. You have no idea how sleep deprivacy can wear you down. And when you’re i the middle of it it seens to last forever. You can’t think properly. If you end up like that, all I can say is: it WILL get better. Promise.

    • Bernard said:

      promise +1

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