WoT: Struggling with the Stug III

A short while ago I purchased a new tank in World of Tanks: a Stug III. This is a German Tier V tank destroyer, and I was very much looking forward to play it. I really enjoy driving both the Marder II and Hetzer – the Tier III and IV Tank destroyers respectively, and was eager to try out the Stug.

However, it is turning out to be more of a struggle than I had anticipated.

I think part of the problem is being over-aggressive – the Stug III feels a very fast tank to drive – actually faster than the Panzer IV. I am finding myself getting too ahead. I am thinking another reason may simply be that – being Tier V – I am seeing battles with alot more tiers VII-VIII, and I really don’t have much experience at fighting those mid-higher tiers yet. To compare, I have so far killed a total of just 8 Tier VIII tanks and 22 Tier VII tanks. In comparison, I have killed 37 Stug III tanks in total at Tier V alone (my second highest Tier V kill, my highest is the Panzer IV at 57).

Actually, while writing this I am finding myself slightly less disheartened at my current lack of success. Seventeen games are not a lot, but large enough one has to discount bad luck as being on overall factor (though, of course, it can have a massive effect on individual games). I will need to try to not let the agility of the Stug III catch me out, and try to learn those tier VII and VIII tanks a little better. I am soon hoping to be getting a KV-3 (Soviet Tier VII heavy tank) which will hopefully help with that too. It has to be said, the KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy) with its 152mm M-10 howitzer  – not the most accurate weapon in the world – is not the best vehicle for learning where to hit the enemy.

  1. Gank said:

    I had the same problem with the Stug. I tend to get into trouble with faster TD’s as I overextend and find myself caught out a lot. I got used to the alpha damage of the Russians so it took a while for my playstyle to adjust to the more accurate, faster firing, but less damaging Stug. In the end I played around 60 or so battles, elited it, and decided it wasn’t for me. I prefer the Hetzer and am not planning on advancing up the German TD line any further.

    • Oddly enough, shortly after this post I had my best game yet in a Stug. I am intending to go further in the German TD line, but whether I keep the Stug or not is very uncertain as yet – I have kept both the Marder II and the Hetzer however. Hetzer is good fun 🙂

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