EVE: Hulkageddon never dies

So I have read about the place that The Mittani has declared Goonswarm will keep up its bounty system post-Hulkageddon (Everhermit has a particularly good post about this). My own thoughts of this are mixed.

In practical terms, I actually think this is mostly hot air. Yes, Hulkageddon V saw the greatest amount of destruction yet – but, look into it a little deeper. After the first fortnight it noticeably started to run out of steam. To anyone who has much experience of the cycles of the anti-miner crusades of EVE Online this is nothing new. It is all fun for a while – a nice break from the monotony of nullsec warfare – but there can be too much of a good thing. Do it too often and it starts to become a grind – it becomes boring. Also, if one needs to be able to enter certain parts of hisec for whatever reason the ratting to regain sec status most definitely becomes a grind. So these things always tend to peter out after a few weeks.

Quite plainly as well this is evidence of The Mittani’s desire to co-opt Hulkageddon, and also further market manipulation as regards to his OTEC cartel. It is also a further and continued sign of how The Mittani is trying to further his claim to be King in Space. I do think alot of this has become very personal for The Mittani – especially since his ejection from CSM7. Internet spaceships are serious business, y’know. It also is a further and continued sign of The Mittani’s contempt for those whose aim in EVE is rather different from his own.

What do I think of all of this? Well, there is rarely anything entirely new under the sun, and there is rarely anything entirely new in New Eden.

When I started playing EVE Goonswarm had just kicked off one of their various anti-hisec crusades, this one called Jihadswarm. I seem to recall there was a second, and perhaps even a third incarnation of this. In particular the first few weeks were very violent times in hisec – that amongst other things taught me various good habits which I have never un-learnt (though since at the time I was mining in a catalyst I was hardly the target for them). However, at some point CCP came to the conclusion that suicide ganking was too easy, and it was too easy to mitigate the penalties. So they upped the CONCORD response time, and increased the sec status penalty for ganking.

I would not be surprised if something similar does not happen again if this continues too much, though I would not want it so. The reason is simple: money. Hilmar’s apology was a direct result of money being lost due to the mess that was Incarna. If – and I think it very much still an “if” – if a large number of miners start to feel that CCP are in cahoots in Goonswarm, they will regretfully start to leave this game. The Mittani might not like it, but the money of those guys is important to CCP – as important to Goon money is. A rebalancing will occur.

As an aside, the introduction of tier III battlcruisers always meant that the need for a rebalancing of suicide ganking was necessary anyway – I think this possibly pushes up the scheduling. Though, as I said, I preface all the above with a big “if”.

However, suicide ganking is not the only thing I think that will be rebalanced – moon materials too are clearly ripe for being looked at again. Again, it would not be the first time. Technetium is only so important now due a rebalance that happened a little while ago. That rebalancing was basically a failure since all it did was swap two bottlenecks for a single bottleneck. I therefore would not be at all surprised if moon materials were not looked at again – hopefully as part of a wider industrial/mining overhaul that we keep hearing talk about.

Until such time however, if I get around to mining, it will be in quiet, out of the way systems, keeping an eye on local, and generally getting a feeling of satisfaction from doing something that various folks dont’ want me to able to do. That’s part of the fun of EVE: small successes against the backdrop of a harsh world.

Of course, there is another big “if” there – still waiting on baby 🙂

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  1. Jomu said:

    lol; i read that first paragraph and was totally lost, then understood when i looked at the label to the left 😉

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