EVE Online: New Isk Sinks

When I was reading through the Inferno patch notes, I was struck by the following entry:

“Market tax has been increased from 1% to 1.5% as a part of our initiative to keep the EVE economy healthy.”

What does this mean? Well, in all market transactions in EVE there is a tax (that the seller pays) on the transaction. The base rate was 1% of the transaction, though this was modified by skills so relatively few transactions had the full tax applied. The isk that is taken by this tax is basically taken out of the game.

So the first half to the above sentence says that tax is being increased by half, it basically says they are increasing this isk sink. However, it is the second half of that sentence that is of interest. To keep the EVE economy healthy. The logic of that sentence is that they believe, if changes are not made, the EVE economy runs a risk of being “unhealthy”. Since the change they have made is to increase an isk sink, it seems likely the problem is too much isk. I then think of the new isk sink introduced with the datacore changes.

Now, in the Escalation patch a new isk faucet was introduced – rogue drones now have bounties where previously they dropped drone alloys that could be refined into minerals. Previous to that there was a lot of belief that Incursions had also introduced an isk faucet that was too over the top. In these two changes, I think we are seeing the response, and the acknowledgement these concerns were justified.

It would be interesting to see, in a few months time, how much extra isk these two changes have removed from the system, and how much extra isk drone bounties have put into the system. Perhaps CCP Diagoras can let us know 🙂


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