EVE: Hiatus

I haven’t been much in EVE this last week. On balance this is probably a good thing, as from what I am reading the Inventory system is going to undergo several further changes over the next few weeks. By all accounts this is a good thing – and I am quite heartened that CCP appear to be listening to the feedback they have had.

The reason I haven’t been in EVE much is mostly because I have been too scatter-brained on the one hand (waiting for the baby you know), and otherwise getting distracted by LOTRO and World of Tanks. It does not help in this regard in that I am very much waiting before starting a new project in EVE too. I am intending to kick-start up a small manufacturing business, a mixture of sub-battleship T1 ships, and T1 and T2 modules. However, I decided that on the verge of the mineral changes in the Escalation patch followed by Hulkageddon probably wasn’t the easiest time to get that going. Also, I want to wait until after the baby arrives so I have some idea of how much time I am actually going to have for the next few months.

That said, assuming I do have some time, I have my eye on a quieter system in a quieter region. I am not expecting to make massive profits – rather I want to slowly build myself a customer base. The real trick will be managing it so I don’t burnout. EVE can be enthralling in that way – in all senses of that word.

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  1. Bernard said:

    regarding your time: not as much 😉

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