LOTRO: First raid in Isengard

I tend not to group all that much in LOTRO. There are two reasons for this – since I don’t play as much LOTRO as many of my kin I wish to play through the solo content when groups might be forming and so on, or simply not be around or will not be online long enough to join those groups. The other reason is I get scared of groups. Even amongst my kin – unless I know at least one of a few specific people are going to be there.

Last night, I was able to add another such person to my list.

My plans for last night in LOTRO were to earn Spring Festival tokens for the new horsie. I was getting nicely lost in the Hedge Maze when I was messaged asking if I would like to go to Tower of Orthanc. I had never gone before, but that didn’t matter and soon we were on our way. I tend not to say much in groups. There was audio, which I listened to, but I didn’t have a mic setup and even if I did I doubt I would have said much at all. Rather I just went along, shot what the Raid Assist Target was targeting, and actually had a quite relaxed and enjoyable time.

After doing two parts of Tower of Orthanc we decided to go and finish off the night in Draigoch, but there our run of luck changed. To begin with I died three times on the initial descent. Never mind it was my first time in Draigoch too, this still made me quite upset. I hate mistakes, especially ones I perceive as being silly. I apologised in chat – and then this guy, who had already sent me a couple of encouraging PMs in the evening already sent me a few more telling me not to worry. It’s a small thing, but can mean a very great deal.

The Draigoch run was not so successful. Our first attempt failed due a miscommunication between several of us, which was annoying but at least correctable. The second time though two folks – including the tank – disconnected at a fairly critical moment. We wiped shortly thereafter. And that was downright rude! I mean, failing due to one’s own mistakes is one think, but due to client crashes is quite another. Hmph! Anyway, by then it was quite late, so the raid broke up. I know the kin intends to go at Draigoch again tonight … I don’t know if I will. I enjoyed myself, no doubt about that, but it is exhausting all the same. We will see how it goes.


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