WoT: Perseverence

Sometimes when on World of Tanks (or doing anything else in a group in a game) you suddenly get the sinking feeling that everything is about to go downhill and a defeat/wipe features in the immediate future. Sometimes you will see players just give up at that point, especially in World of Tanks. They will do something utterly stupid to get themselves killed so they can exit the battle and start a different match on a different tank.

I always think that is a somewhat silly thing to do – since all it does is help ensure the defeat. To be sure, oftentimes defeat is unavoidable and one has to console oneself (hopefully) that one’s own performance was satisfactory in the given situation. Also, if one just gives up you never get to experience those wonderful moments when the outcome changes.

Last night I took out my Panzer IV for the 3rd time. The match was a tier III-VII – though iirc the only tier  IIIs were Sturmpanzer II artillery. The map was Malinkova.  This is a map where both sides start on one side of the map, staring at  each other across a large field. The tendency is for many players to camp close to the starting locations, trying to snipe each other. I find that quite boring, and along with usually 2-6 other players (depending on the team) head to the other side of the map to try to flank.

Which is what I did in this game, myself and 3 or 4 other mediums started heading on the flank. Meanwhile the initial potshots and suicide runs occurred, meaning after the first minute or so both sides had lost 4 tanks. Then, suddenly we lost a tank, not to the enemy team, but to one of our own number. I was not aware if we lost one or two to the teamkiller before he was himself killed, but suddenly things were definitely looking down and I got that sinking feeling.

Still, had to persevere. Fortunately it seemed like our opponents were primarily in camping mode, because we encountered hardly any opposition at all on the flank until we ran into a tier VII tank destroyer, that got one of us before myself and another finished him off. We promptly started to roll in behind the enemy line, our artillery did some nice work picking folks off, and before long it was me and another medium against a KV-2, playing peekaboo around the corner of the building. While the KV-2 kept focused on me, my team-mate popped around the other and finished him off from the rear.  Unfortunately all my shots on the KV-2 bounced, otherwise I would have earned the Confederate Battle honour. Ah well.

This is the reason I keep going even in matches that initially seem doomed. Sometimes they are, but sometimes either the opponents have made an error, or Fortune just smiles. If you surrender however, you never get that chance.

  1. Gank said:

    I have the XVM mod installed which, along with everyone’s win/loss and efficiency rating, now predicts your chances of winning a battle. It can be quite disenheartening to be sure to see you have no chance of winning. For the most part, it is pretty accurate but doesn’t really tell me anything I wouldn’t discern from the first 5 mins of battle anyway. You can usually tell by the way your team deploys, or what the top guys are doing, how the game will go.

    I have been guilty of giving up, on occassion, but not so much since they changed the ‘rage quit’ mechanic (you used to be able to exit and instantly blow up, now your tank sits there and you appear afk). Now I try to stick around and get a few more shots in because, as we know, damage = credits, and also boosts you efficiency rating (I’m a stats geek).

    • I haven’t installed XVM yet, partly because I don’t want to get depressed before a match even starts. However, from what I understand it is not as accurate for those with fewer games – and indeed how could it be? Also – I have to say – the screenshots I have seen of it look somewhat ugly 😀

      Of course, I shouldn’t get too big for my boots, I am very much still learning all the intricacies of the game.

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