WoT: Re-learning (killing) the KV

Changes are part and parcel of any MMO in a way they generally are not for most single player games (Paradox Interactive games aside, anyway 🙂 ). The games keep evolving, as new features are added and existing features are reworked and balanced.

In the recent 7.3 update in World of Tanks the Soviet Heavy Tree was reworked. As part of this the Tier V KV heavy tank was split into two, the Tier V KV-1 and the Tier VI KV-2. The old KV was known as being the most powerful tank in its tier (many said it was over-powered). I had in my garage too – in part because those who had the KV would get both new tanks, with a free extra garage slot as part of the package. I was feeling like I was just starting to get the hang of the old girl when it went away.

Not just getting the hang to drive her, but also to fight the old KV. I was getting a good feel of some of the weak spots. And now, well, now I hardly know any of them again. Or rather, I do of the KV-2 which is like most of the fully upgraded KVs one used to encounter. However, since most of the other tanks I am playing are tier III and IV I am mostly encountering the KV-1. Firing shell after shell into a tank doing no damage gets fairly frustrating. To be sure, I could simply go and look it all up outside of the game, but I am finding a large put of the fun in World of Tanks is working these things out of oneself.

That said, with my trusty Marder II I did manage to take down a KV last night, so perhaps I starting to work it out again. Time will tell 🙂

  1. Gank said:

    Those Marder’s are truly fearsome. I worry about them no matter what tank I’m in and they should always be your number one prioritly. A lot of vets with thousands of battles drive them just for fun!

    • Certainly it is my favourite tank thus far. I realised that after just a dozen or so battles in it. Currently I am 1436 battles in total, and 377 on the Marder II.

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