A good kin makes all the difference

I am not the world’s most natural dungeon-runner in MMOs. It’s not so much the social aspect of grouping – while other’s are chit-chatting I can just stay quiet most of the time. Rather, it’s that I hate – absolutely hate – making mistakes. And the first time you go through a dungeon, you inevitably make mistakes. This makes me sometimes choose not to run dungeons rather than face the considerable wash of negative emotion I sometimes get when I make mistakes.

I have the same problem with EVE pvp – though I intend to do another, more complete post on that some other time.

However, sometimes I do stick my head above the parapet as it were, and join in a run with guys in my kin (I belong, through luck) to an amazingly relaxed and easy-going kin.

This morning folks were getting a group together to run Forges of Isengard. They were one short, so with some trepidation I said I would join in, even though I hadn’t run it before, and told (or rather reminded) right from the start not to worry if I did anything wrong. We went on it – and it proved to have its fair share of difficulties. I think it took us three goes to get the first boss done, and a further three on the final boss. I know I ended up with, I think, my biggest repair bill ever in LOTRO. Yet despite at least once doing something incredibly stupid, I didn’t get that big negative emotional flood I mentioned earlier.

Since the guys I were grouped with just gently pointed out what I did wrong, with no recrimination. At the end of the run one of the kin’s officers invited me to take part in a Draigoch raid at some point. Now the chances are I won’t be able to do that with baby arriving and all, and yet, it really touched me.

It is an unoriginal point, but it bears repeating. A good kin (corp/guild/clan/group) makes all the difference.


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