MMOs I play / have played, May 2012

I figured it might be useful to list what my current MMO experience is to date, since I figure I am mostly going to be discussing MMOs.

EVE Online (Feb 2008 – today)

I started playing EVE Online in February 2008, and is my very first MMO. Today I am variably active in EVE, though it remains my favourite MMO. I currently maintain three accounts, though later this year that may possibly drop to two. Mostly I am a hi-sec dweller, I expect more on all that later.

Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) (Spring 2009 – today)

I started playing LOTRO in the spring of 2009, and is my traditional “non-EVE” game. There is something very wonderful about switching from the cold dark of space to The Shire. I have a lifetime account, and have one hunter at cap, plus several others characters further down.

Star Wards: The Old Republic (SWTOR) (Jan 2012 – today)

My third MMO, and therefore the one I play least. I have a Jedi Safe in the mid-30s.

World of Tanks (WoT) (April 2012 – today)

I know some don’t consider this an MMO, but I do. Anyway, for me this is the easy-in 10-15 minutes of fun. Currently I am mostly playing low-mid tiers and having an absolute blast. Trying to decide which tank line to start to develop towards the high tiers.

Wizard 101 (September 2011 – December 2011)

I really liked playing this game for a few months last year. Something very relaxing about it, and is certainly a game I will probably pick up again at some point.

Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) (Summer 2011)

I only dipped my toe into this game, and I think if EVE had not started to turn around there is a very high chance I might have found myself very happy here. I wish I had more time!

World of Warcarft (WoW) (2008-9, 2010)

Yes I have played the big beastie, my second MMO. At first I played a Dwarven Warrior for a few months in the winter of 2009-9, but something didn’t click. Then later on I had a second spell as a Forsaken Priest, had an absolute blast, but decided to unsub before Cataclysm. I’ll probably turn that into a post at some point. l currently have no desire to go back.

And that’s it.


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