Hulkageddon and I

I said in my post below that I am mostly a hi-sec dweller. On one level then I am a prime target for the two things that have most recently made the news in EVE: Burn Jita and Hulkageddon V. Except neither of these events have effected me at all.

One’s perspective is fundamental in how one views both events. My perspective is that of a hi-sec dweller who starting mining back in one of the earliest Goonswarm gank-fests in hisec (called Jihadswarm) long before even the first Hulkageddon. Basically after the sixth or seventh time Goonswarm (and others) declare war on hisec it gets difficult to get too excited by it. Also, one learns simple tricks to avoid being caught up in it.

Actually though, when I try to explain the wonders of the EVE economy to non-EVE friends (and sometimes non-MMO friends) suicide ganking of Hulks is the example I use. It goes something like this. There are folks in EVE that mine asteroids. I buy the materials from those asteroids, and use them to make ships, guns, ammunition, and other equipment. I sell this all on to other players, some of which are pirates. They use what they bought off me to attack and kill the miners. I then sell more equipment to the miners, and once they are mining again buy more minerals, to make stuff, to sell to the pirates.

A few Hulkadeggons ago I actually did this quite deliberately. This time around I have been too busy with other things (like becoming a father) to worry too much about it, though catalysts have been selling well :).

I’ve seen plenty of people get all excited about how Hulkageddon and Burn Jita are great examples of player created events. Some of that excitement has been “positive” (like from Corelin over at Mad Haberdashers). Some other excitement has been more “negative”.

I am a member of a chat channel that is centred around mining, a pleasant place with a friendly attitude to new players who want to experience the calmer side of EVE life. Now, many people think mining is boring – and they indeed find it so. Others however find it quite relaxing. This difference of opinion should be hardly surprising. I mean, I know people who like gardening. I don’t. I don’t get the appeal. Anyway, so we were talking about the upcoming Hulkageddon, and I suggested that instead of viewing Hulkageddon as a massive pain, perhaps it should be regarded as something of an opportunity for profit. On the more passive side, stockpile ore/minerals and wait for the prices to rise. In a more active mood, turn some of those minerals into catalysts. I did not think it was an unreasonable suggestion.

This one guy … jumped off the deep end. Started saying it was exactly the same as selling guns in real life, because one might sell them to a child murderer. Started saying I was like Charles Manson.

To which I reacted with bemusement at first, and then (mostly) stopped paying attention to him. Goes to show though, that you don’t have to actually blow up ships to collect “tears”. Sometimes you just have to build them.

  1. Amusing read. Building Catalysts for profit is the same as selling guns to child murderers. Heh.

  2. Antivyris said:

    Sounds like he is a bit too high strung for the mining profession, did you recommend knitting or crochet?

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