Who am I?

You know how it is. You are all seated together in a room. Perhaps at separate desks, perhaps in chairs in a circle, and the person leading the group says in a bright and cheery voice that it is time for introductions. I always feel a little internal groan, as generally speaking no one remembers anything five minutes later. To me, it always seems a waste of time.

Starting this blog however is a slightly different scenario, and I think it does really behove me to introduce myself, say who I am, and my intentions. I could say my name, and I will at the end of this post, but really my name tells you nothing useful about me. After all, it is just used for identification, not for description.

I was thinking about the question “Who am I?” and I started to murmur under my breath a song of Les Miserables, where Jean Valjean repeatedly asks himself just that question, and there are no easy answers. So let’s leave that aside a moment longer, and say what my intentions are.

I hope to use this blog to help me organise my thoughts about my principal hobby – computer gaming, in particular MMO gaming since that is mostly what I do these days. I also hope to write about any books I read, films I see, tv episodes, theatres shows, or pretty much anything else that catches my fancy. I do not intend to talk much, if at all, about politics however. I also intend to discuss, sometimes more openly, and sometimes less so, my experience of being Aspergic. I want to do that for the simple reason that mental illness in our Western society is still something of a taboo, still something all too often kept hidden.

If you go through the above, you will notice I am starting to fill in “Who am I”. To that I will add that currently I am playing EVE Online, LOTRO, SWTOR, and World of Tanks. I have played World of Warcraft, Wizard 101, and (briefly) Pirates of the Burning Sea. EVE Online was my first MMO back in 2008.

Finally, I am looking forward to becoming a father in the next few weeks for the first time. So if there is a sudden hiatus in posting, the imminent arrival might very well be the cause 🙂

And that, I think, is enough to be getting along with. If I manage to keep this up, I am sure you will all get to know who I am a little better, and perhaps I will get to know who you are a little better too.

My name, by the way, is Lewis Maskell. I also go by the handle of stnylan. Call me whichever you prefer.


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